ST 316: Sediment transport

Lecture notes

Lecture notes with exercises (both in Vietnamese) featuring the following main topics:

  • Roughness, boundary layer, and bed shear stress
  • Sediment characteristics
  • Forces on grain and mobility
  • Bed load transport rate
  • Sediment concentration and diffusion theory
  • Suspended load transport rate
  • Total load transport rate
  • Sediment transport in oscillatory flows

Major credit is to Assoc. Prof. Nghiem Tien Lam


This updated lectures incorporate the best formulas from the book Principles of sediment transport in rivers, estuaries and coastal seas by L.C. Van Rijn. In addition, minor improvements can be referred to Dynamics of Marine Sands by R. Soulsby.


More sophisticated methods of calculating sediment transport are presented in recent papers, such as Van der A et al. (2013)'s "Practical sand transport formula for non-breaking waves and currents". The file is bilingual (English-Vietnamese), which hopefully helps native students understand the method.