HYDM 316: Hydrometry


Lecture notes in Vietnamese featuring the following main topics:

  • Measuring depths and water levels
  • Measuring river cross-section
  • Measuring flow velocity
  • Measuring salinity
  • Measuring suspended sediment concentration
  • Calculating flow/sediment discharge
  • Data checking, archiving, and reporting
  • Field trip

Major credit is to Assoc. Prof. Tran Thanh Tung.

Field survey

The students are required to complete a one-week (1 ECT) field survey, where they measure water level, flow velocity, and salinity at a tidally-influenced gauging station. The assignments for students (in Vietnamese) can be found here.


The author participated in a field survey at the junction of Red River, Hanoi. River discharge and suspended sediment concentration data were collected. Interested students may contact the author for providing parts of data for their personal use.